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Benefits of the 12 Major Archetype Class

These Archetype class is incorporated in the Reiki One, Two & Master Classes

Masterty of Positive & Negative Ego

most people are not aware of all the programming that currently exists in their subconscious mind from this lifetime and all their past lives, which is functioning as an affirmation and visualization already programmed into the subconscious from the past. Third, most people do not have 100% mastery of their thoughts, emotions, negative ego mind, lower-self desire, and inner child, and are not thinking and feeling with their Spiritual/Christ/Buddha Mind at all times. So what happens is, Lightworkers use positive affirmations and visualizations, which is good, however, they are having to counteract an enormous amount of programming that is already functioning all the time as an affirmation and visualization. Plus, all the positive or negative daily self-talk which is the inner dialogue that goes on all day in our consciousness. So the positive affirmations and visualizations definitely help, but be sure to clean out your subconscious mind and conscious thinking, and work on gaining full mastery of your daily thinking, feeling, speaking, negative ego, inner child, lower-self desire, and so on. Above all else, deny any thought not of GOD to enter your Mind! Ponder on this! This is a golden key to life!

On Appropriately Responding Rather Than Inappropriately Reacting
Whatever happens in life, you want to respond rather than react. A response is a product of the conscious mind, when you choose how to deal with the incoming energy. A reaction is a product of the subconscious mind. If someone judges or attacks you and you let the incoming energy go right into your subconscious mind, solar plexus, or emotional body, you will either be hurt, withdraw and cry, or lash back. You are letting another person be the cause of your emotions. We are hypersuggestible when we don’t make a choice about how to respond. In reality, we all are invulnerable psychologically. This is a very profound statement. To be invulnerable means that we can’t get emotionally hurt unless we choose to be! See On Feelings and Emotions. Don’t go on automatic pilot! Be conscious and respond rather than react! An integrated Ascended Master responds and stays in his self mastery


Acknowlegement  to Pierre Dubois, Ascension Teacher's classes