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Tuesday night 7 to 9pm

Ascension Classes w/Pierre Dubois
at the Center of Inner Wisdom

110 2nd St. Hicksville, NY
Registration call Lily, 516-681-2583

The Ascension Seats of the Rays of God: The white light of God as it reaches our planet goes to a prism and fragments into color that are aspects and attributes of the personality of God. Each ray has a color representing an energy vortex that connects to a psycho-spiritual vice or virtue in us. As the ray get direct to earth, it is filter through the energy of an ascended master that is call the Cohan of the ray. Each Cohan has an etheric retreat where the energy power and initiation of the ray is given to candidate that are ready.
This class explores the first 12 rays of God and journey to the etheric retreats of the Cohans of the rays. It is a psychological/ negative ego and energetic exploration.

Taming the Negative Ego: This is a 12 sessions series about the negative ego failing that stumps every student on the path of ascension. There is so much miss information about ascension and the mechanics of it. This class will cover topics like: personal power, self-love, psychic self-defense, manifestation, intimacy and sexuality, removing fear and worries, the nature of the negative ego, balancing the masculine and feminine, bad habits and addictions, the nature of the negative ego, blind spots and the synthesis

The Spiritual Hierarchy: And 8 class series that explore our cosmic history from the moment that matter and anti-matter precipitated in the 15 dimension from Source outside of time and spaces. Find out the role, purpose of all the beings that we call during our meditations. Get the background and history to the cosmic drama that has been playing for billions for year and hope for the path of return and redemption.

Remembrance: There exist 12 physical locations in our universe where the light of the uncreated in Source bring energy and resources to our universe. They are the 12 star gates that are in protective custody for they are also exit points back into Source. Journey to the 12 star gates and recover your memories of whom and what you were before life on earth. This is an eye opening and consciousness expanding exploration.

The Shift: In preparation for the great shift that we are transitioning into this 7 series of classes prepare you for a very specific verticality and rectitude that we are asked to assume to help properly ground and anchor the light of source and the galactic core on earth. As the wayshowers, we need to open our consciousness to specific series of blending and connection to the center of the earth, the sun, the galactic core, the central sun and source simultaneously. This in the end creates a rare occurrence: the Celestial Axis allowing you to become the conduit and tunnel for the descent and ascent of light from earth to source.

Acknowlegement  to Pierre Dubois, Ascension Teachings.