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Chinese Astrology and I Ching Readings
by Raphael Simons

Chinese astrology, known as Batzu, or Four Pillars, is a very old and highly perfected system of astrology. Unlike western astrology that is based on planetary movements, Chinese astrology is based on the cyclical transformations of the five elements through time. The elements in the Chinese system are Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. The Chinese astrology compares very favorably with western astrology, and in some respects is a lot more direct and down to earth. It tells about everything about your life, health, career, finances, relationships, family matters, home, moves, and travels. It tells when to make the right moves, purchases, actions, when to marry, and so on.
Chinese astrological readings go into profound detail. Chinese astrology shows the picture of your entire life time and of the different cycles in your life, greater and smaller. Progressed readings can be done for the year or even for the month. Progressed readings go into fine detail, giving exact timings, and solving whatever questions you may have about your unfolding situation.
I Ching Readings, done the traditional Chinese way is actually a unique Chinese astrological secret method. It is used to answer questions concerning your health, career, finances, relationships, family, home, moves, travels, and choices between options, resolution of conflicts, and whatever changes are looming in your life.
Often an I Ching reading opens into a full Chinese astrological reading so that everything is spelled out in full detail, and all questions about when things are going to happen are answered.


Both the Chinese astrology and the I Ching astrological method are used in traditional Feng Shui. They are at the very root of Feng Shui. When your personal situation is completely understood the correct solutions for arranging your home or work place can be determined

When registering, please remember to have your birth date (and time, if possible) and place of birth. Combining charts
with another person is possible if you provide the birth information of the other party.



$150 Full reading

Progressive Chart reading $80

Card reading $60

cash, check or credit card
The reading is a great gift to yourself, family and friends.

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