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Hi Lily- I loved the class and think that I have the confidence and enough knowledge now that I can begin to practice hypnosis- Peter is a great teacher and I would recommend his class to anyone interested in learning hypnosis, developing deeper communication skills and/or studying and understanding some of the mysteries of the conscious and unconscious mind . Thanks- S.D

2012 Hypnosis Certification and Training
At the Center of Inner Wisdom
with Peter Blum, C.I., M.S.C.

Certified Instructor of the Year Award winner (National Guild of Hypnotists), Peter has trained hundreds of professionals in the art of hypnosis. He has studied with mystics and shamans, as well as world-famous musicians and hypnotists. Known for his humorous and dynamic teaching style, Peter incorporates his knowledge of NLP and Ericksonian approaches in his trainings. Counselors, Reiki practitioners, yoga teachers, nurses, massage therapists, social workers, and energy healers: Learn mastery in hypnosis and communication excellence. Open to all, regardless of prior education. Those completing this 100+hour training are eligible for certification by NGH.

You will learn; Hypnosis for Smoking cessation, Stress Reduction & Weight Loss; Non-therapeutic applications; Connection between Hypnosis and Relaxation Training; How to set up your practice and build your clientele and much more…….

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Review classes are available for those who were certified through us.

Required Deposit $200 to hold your place in the class