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Max the Crystal Skull

Private Session  Friday to Sunday June 1st to 3rd

was greatly successful everyone received Healing

 Believed to be thousands of years old, Max is known to be a wisdom carrier of ancient knowledge.  Much research has been done on Max, however his true origin still remains a baffling mystery.  He seems to defy logic. Everything that is known about lapidary work indicates that Max should have been shattered fractured or fallen apart when carved.

      Many People have profound visions and psychic experiences when viewing Max.  Some people believe that Max is an intricate computer, possibly brought before from other planets, and hold knowledge about the origin of our race and planet Earth.

      Max was given to Jo-Ann and Carl Parks by a Tibetan trained Red Hat Lama, a healer of the highest order. They are now the owner and caretakers of the world famous quartz crystal skull, known as MAX.  They live the average life in Texas , USA .
      To this day Max the crystal skull has served as a healing spiritual tool, and used as a  tool of focus and service and to interact with and through Max was researched by the British Museum in 1996, they had no comment on his creation. Max has been in many documentaries, the A&E, the BBC Channel, Discovery Channel, History Channel, Si-Fi Channel and has done documentaries of France , Japan , and the Spanish Channel, been featured in many newspaper articles, books, and TV  shows all over the world.

Come and meet Max and Jo-Ann Parks at the Center of Inner Wisdom. This is a once in a lifetime event you can't afford to miss!

For registration half hour Private session prepaid $50

Group of four $35 each person   

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