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Private Readings with Int'l Astrologer
In Hicksville, NY, at the
Center of Inner Wisdom
One Sunday Every Month

Sunday 10:00 am to 6:00pm      click here to access his services

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In response to so many requests from Long Island, I will be coming to Hicksville, LI, to do a day of private readings,
to offer insight as to how your individual chart will be affected by intense celestial events being currently expressed.  

Each reading will consist of at least three versions of your natal chart designed to provide personal astrological insight
and analysis designed to your customized needs, to assist you in coping with the current chaotic change in the world’s economic,
political, and cultural systems, as well as the personal, work, and relationship concerns on the home front.

When registering, please remember to have your birth date (and time, if possible) and place of birth. Combining charts
with another person is possible if you provide the birth information of the other party. Cost is $180

Contact Monty direct: Phone 212-769-1350



Payments by Paypal or visa/mastercards

$160—cash, check or credit card
The reading is a great gift to yourself, family and friends.

Center of Inner Wisdom
110 2nd Street
Hicksville, NY

Contact for Scheduling & Info:
Lily Rubinstein, Director
Center of Inner Wisdom