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Center of Inner Wisdom History
 How I Discovered My Gifts

As a child, I felt and thought different than other children.  My Asian parents considered me to be stubborn due to my strong opinions. I felt alone and disconnected from my cultural environment. As time passed, I perceived my miraculous gift – the ability to read people and sense their feelings around me –  as a curse. I alway knew I was different seeing the world from another perception. We immigrated from China to Hong Kong then to America at a young age. Diversity became a way of my life to accept people as they are.

Years later, I finally accepted my gift after incidences occurred when I regretted and  ignored my intuition. One night  I dreamed someone was breaking into my car. I just ignored it and went back to sleep. The next morning, I found out that someone broke my car window and removed the radio. This was my first lesson not to ignore my intuition. I do not remember most of my dreams but when I do dream they are mostly prophetic -- like earthquakes and tsunamis at another part of the earth -- scary but true.
As I recalled during a challenging incidence in my life, I have spoken directly with God. Without any religious foundation, I have learned about faith from moments of tribulation. When I experienced difficulties, I asked God for help and he brought me the solutions into my life. I am eternally grateful to God and Dr. Pillitari for my two beautiful daughters. There were many magically moments too. For awhile during meditation I kept seeing an Eye. One day as I was meditating alone, Archangel Michael and Lady Kwan Yin came to me and took me though the Eye. I was presented in the presence of the Ensof (God the Creator) It was the most outrageous emotional and profound experience of my life. The energy touched my heart so much that I felt the love and joy I could not stop crying.

I had to ask God the question, why are we here???? The answer was we are light beings having a human experience.
After my first lesson on the power of prayer, I discovered the concept of synchronicity – an understanding that the events and people in my life fill a divine purpose. With this new spiritual toolkit, I started viewing any difficulties as opportunities. I viewed the world with a positive attitude and universal understanding that every person in my life possesses the positive and negative ego. For the most part, I felt love and joy in my heart towards everyone. My outlook was from a positive attutude. When faced with challenging events, I can only make changes to myself and  accept others as they are. As I continued to work hard and follow my heart, life became easier that grounding the energy daily was important to maintain balance and focus.
Metaphysic teachings were still considered taboo in the1980s. I periodically attended lectures at the Eyes of Learning and found the topics very exciting. My new friends from this community became my spiritual family.  I started studying Reiki and learned how to connect to the Masters, Guides and Angels. This opened up my third eye and crown chakras. My intuition increased many folds. I learned to heal and released myself of physical and emotional ailments. Past life visions came to me in connection to particular events at that time. My like and dislike made more sense to me. I was divinely guided and listened with an open heart and mind, accepting my role as a healer, where my daily prayers served as a clear channel for helping and healing others. I have been divinely guided in the process of maintaining my gifts and healing.
Over the years, I have studied under many Master teachers in diverse beliefs, philosophies and theories of the consciousness. My explorations have covered a wide interest of metaphysical studies in Astrology, Numerology, Energy Healings, Qabalah, the Mystery School, Ascended Mastership, Sacred Geometry, Guided Imagery Meditation, and the Ascension process and how to achieve it in this lifetime.

As I continued my studies, my thirst for metaphysic knowledge multiplied. However, I was divinely guided in a certain direction – learning about the Mystery School (Brotherhood of Light), the Tree of Life (Qabalah) and understanding the ancient mystery of the universe. Understanding the power of energetic healing, the conscious and subconscious mind was the next important modality. At first, hypnosis seems daunting.  The false belief in Hollywood films can scare people’s perception of hypnosis. After becoming a certified Hypnotist, I developed a complete different perspective, as I realized how this tool can yield positive and unbelievable results for healing.
Using a mixture of Reiki, hypnosis and other spiritual teachings, I find great pleasure and satisfaction in healing others. Recently, I have expanded my healing repertoire and provided spiritual life coaching sessions to students from my ascension workshops. In the past year, I have watched these young women confront their inner child issues, battle their negative self egos, maintain their personal power and gather the necessary spiritual tools for improvement of their life and toward ascension. I’m truly blessed to be given these healing gifts and look forward to working with more spiritually-driven students and fellow lightworkers. I have discovered my soul’s mission is to be of service to our community and humanity.

I am truly grateful and blessed with all the abundance in my life, doing what I love and being of service in the coming of the New Age.

With humility and gratitude