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Monthly Class Schedule

All classes are pre-registration & Prepaid

On-going Ascension Classes Every

Tuesdays From 7 to 9pm

with Pierre Dubois.

Next series starting Feb. 2015, contact me direct.

Second or Third Wed. depending on weather, please call me to confirm. 516 681-2583

Monthly EnlightmentGroup Healing Circle & meditation at 7:30pm, All are welcome. Come join like minded people to share your gifts. Meet your angels and guides

On-going, Thursday nights 7:30pm Psychic Development Medium-ship class series with Winterbrook Ryan.

On-going, Saturday Mornings Astrology Class series with Monty Taylor, 10am to 12. Private Readings Available if you schedule an appointment with me.

On-going Monday night review Ascension class series, including life coaching sessions.

Fridays, The Benefits of Essential Oil for you health w/Joe Monkman, DTA 7pm to 9pm.

Fridays, Fire Ceremonies, Manifestations on the Solstices w/Joe Monkman 7pm to 9pm.


Reiki Certifications

Fall, Advance/Master Reiki Certification couple of Sundays 10am to 2pm

Reiki One & two classes scheduled  two weekend classes from 10am to 2pm,according to available schedule.


Sundays/private Astrology reading with Monty Taylor from 10am to 5pm.

Sunday, Market America Partnership meeting topics: health, beauty, financial benefis and much more DTA.

Hypnosis Certification

Pre-Registration required Four weekends  Spring 2014 Hypnosis Certification classes;

on Trance induction, Past Life regression, Pain Control, Smoking Cessation, healthy weight control and much more. Pre-registration required $200 deposit to hold your place.

Contact me  Lily Rubinstein for sessions with me for healing, hypnosis, life Coach to assist you personal needs & transformation 516-681-2583.







Registration and for Classes payment by Paypal or visa/mastercards

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