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Reiki One
Usui/Tibetan Reiki as a Spiritual Path
With Lily Rubinstein Reiki & IET Master Teacher
Certified National Guild Hypnotist, Hierarchy of Light (Mystery School Initiated) Qabalist

Reiki Classes that will effectively support the Reiki student’s professional growth. Adequate experiential time on all levels of Reiki classes, concepts being taught, to be able to practice the techniques on your selves and others and the ability to integrate the benefits into your personal life.

Reiki One Class
Laying a foundation of knowledge of energy healing and setting learning objectives that transform esoteric concepts into concrete information that can be defined and experience

Basic understanding of the auras field, chakra, the flow of energy in and out of the body

How our emotions and life choices impact our health and well being

How to balance the energy field to one’s health and well being
Understand the mind, body, and energy relationship
Reiki history, principles and hand placements
Attunements (meet your Guides and sacred personal experience)

Reiki One and Two Manual (ICRT Reiki, The Healing Touch. A professional written and researched and is used by many Reiki Masters)

Practicum Sessions by providing opportunities at our Monthly Healing to give students additional experience and gain confidence that help prepare you for the next level of Reiki training.

8 hours training and attunements
Opportunity is $110 includes your training manual.

Discounted at 20% if you are continue to take Reiki two with me
Reiki One will be discounted to $88.

New classes forming DTA
Call to register 516-681-2583

Lily Rubinstein

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