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Honoring the ancient practice of Traditional  Usui/Tibetant Method through initiation from the Masters.


These classes have been shown to help those on their spiritual journey and many, many more benefits. See our services page for details.








Reiki Two

Usui/Tibetan Reiki as a Spiritual Path
With Lily Rubinstein Reiki & IET Master Teacher
Certified National Guild Hypnotist, Hierarchy of Light (Mystery School Initiated) & Qabalist

Reiki Classes can effectively support a Reiki student’s professional growth. We provide experiential time on all levels of Reiki classes. The concepts taught, allow students to proficiently practice the techniques on both themselves and others and ultimately have the expertise to integrate these benefits into your personal life.

Reiki Two Class
Full-fill five monthly classes with 3 initiations of the symbols.  Enough time for integration of each symbol and discover the many uses. Meditate on them and learn how to use it directly from God-Consciousness.

You will learn how to use Sacred Symbols in expressing your intentions:
The Power Symbol, Mental/Emotional Symbol and the Distant Healing Symbol for development of higher consciousness and transformation.

Power Symbol
Increase the power of Reiki or to focus on a specific location.
Seals in the healing energies.
Clear a room on negative energy and seal it in light.
Used of protecting yourself, your love ones or anything you value.
Protection from physical harm, verbal & emotional confrontation.
Use to bless others.

Mental/Emotional Symbol
Balances the right and left side of the brain, bringing harmony and peace.
Healing relationship problems
Helpful with stress such as nervousness, fear, depression, anger, sadness, etc.
Physically, this energy takes the form of a bubble coming out of the heart for emotional healing. Mental healing out of the solar plexus chakra
Heals addictions, healing unwanted habits by creating positive affirmations.

Distant Healing Symbol
The origin of all pure consciousness, at this level there is no time or space.
Used to bridge time into the past or future.
Homing device, when you don’t know the cause of condition or problem.
Use for exorcism and spirit release work, call on the Ascended Masters and ask them to take the spirit up into the light.
Sending distant healing to someone.
Sending Reiki to the Ascended Master, your spirit guides, angels,
   The earth & moon, God etc. creates a strong connection so that your prays to them are empowered.
Healing the earth or a crisis situation.
Achieving a particular goal.

I am thankful for the techniques that are now surfacing from ancient knowledge. That is filled with possibility of important discoveries, the development of higher consciousness and transformation for all. Let us take charge of our lives.

Reiki Two consist of four classes,each monthly class at $60

total opportunity $240

New class forming DTA
Call to register 516-681-2583
Lily Rubinstein

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