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March 4, 2013

Dear Lily,

Thank you for taking me under your wings these past few months. Since we've been working together, I've

seen so much transformation and learned about my self (the inner child) that my therapist, psychologist, and psychiatrist could never helped me with. I am truly blessed that Laura introduced us. I look forward to us getting together every week. Thank you for helping me realize my full potentials and also to forgive myself. You are most certainly one of my Earth Angels. with love & light, Heather


March 3, 2013

Your Name: Jennifer Postawa

Comment: testimonial: I had the best experience with Lily. She taught be the basic IET principles and attuned me with the most powerful angelic energy. I understood fully the concepts and the importance of self healing and healing others. I can not wait for the next phase. Not only did I learn alot I was welcomed and felt safe and peaceful in the atomosphere. It was ovarall an amazing experience.
Kind regards,


October 2012

Hi Lily,
It was great seeing you too, I'm always happy when I do. I think your question is wonderful, trying to figure out what you did right so you can help others. 
I really had to think hard about how I could describe your help exactly because every time I saw you, you gave me something intangible. Something that is difficult to put into words but I'll try.When I first met you I was probably in the worst period of my life. You accommodated me by being able to take private lessons because I wasn't ready to be in a group and that allowed me to feel absolutely comfortable and secure. So first, you were flexible and  worked with me according to my needs.
More importantly, you always listened without judgment. You were able to conduct the classes in a way that we did a lot of spiritual work but there was always room for discussing personal matters. And it is very important: you were not judgmental. I felt that you are someone that I can tell anything to (and at the time I didn't even feel this way with my own mother). So, you created a space there that is truly secure and safe. You were also open enough to tell me about things that you went through in your life and you gave me strength that way. These are things that one cannot learn, they come from within you, it's who you are. In other words, you are a genuine, sensitive, sincere guide/teacher that anyone would be lucky to have.
Besides all this, you started me off on a spiritual road, that I haven't stopped  taking ever since. You opened doors for me that I can't really explain.

So, I will be forever grateful to you for all you've given me.


June, 2012

Hi Lily

A lot has transpired since I last saw you the last time and completed my Reiki I and II.  I believe I am ready to embark on the Master course.
I have opened an office in Massapequa that is exquisite and I am currently organized with several yoga studios.  In addition I have been making house calls to several reiki clients, the most rewarding is a leukemia patient who's blood values have all normalized since beginning our sessions.  The flow of Reiki through me has intensified and I am focused on transforming lives utilizing Reiki, reflexology and life coaching.
My future has become much clearer for me and I have you to thank for being a part of the clarification.  Let me know what you think about me starting the Reiki master course with you.
Peace and Light,

Dr,Stan Anderson


  • "Thank you for another beautiful and spiritual enlightening evening. You allow us and encourage us all to grow and emerge. I really appreciate you and your wonderful soul" B.G. (Attunement after Reiki One)

  • "I had a great time, I dreamt a lot last night after the attunement. Thank you so much for the healing. I told my boy friend how incredible it was. I am looking forward to our next session". love Donna (attunement to Reiki One)

  • "AS I was doing Reiki healing on my friend I felt the vibration and energy increased many folds as you are doing reiki drumming. It was incredible. I learned something new". Carol

  • "I just want to thank you again for your healing on my shoulder yesterday. Could you please let me know the name of the healing and where did you learned it? It is very effective. The healing technique you called Reiki or IET did wonders for my shoulder & emotions that really kicked in on the train ride home. Thank you for being you " best blessings, M.T.(An International Astrologer)

  • "What a great experience. You are the specialists knew exactly what I needed for my stomach problems with Market America's Aloe juice!" -- Carol D.

  • "Just wanted to thank you for whatever you did you held my hand when I complained about the cramp/spasm I was having with my hand. Later that night during about 4am I couldn't sleep. My should ache went away. My shoulder is still a little sore but I have a wider range of motion ant it is not hurting like it was. Thanks again this was a mini healing, I can't imagine what a full session will do! You held my hand for about one minute!" Love & peace, A. P.

  • "After a week of practically not able to move. I just clearned my fridge. I just read the literature you gave me and I laid my hand on myself in the area that was hurting. I felt better. This is really amazing". Betty, after Reiki One attunement.